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Your next customer is learning
how to solve their problem online,
right now. Are they learning about
potential solutions from you?


Inbound Marketing for Growing Businesses in the San Antonio Area

From attracting leads to closing sales, we’re all about helping your business succeed.
A man holding a large magnet. The image is used to help explain that inbound marketing can naturally attract prospects to businesses.

Inbound Marketing

Focus on creating quality content that aligns with your customer’s interests, allowing you to naturally attract prospects that you can convert, close, & delight over time.

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Person holding a piece of paper with a graph giving a thumbs up. Used as the header image for Viral Element's Sales Enablement page.

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team to have more productive interactions with buyers and effectively close more qualified leads for your business using inbound methods.

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Website Design and Development

Your website is your “best salesperson,” yet the way website design is traditionally approached has a great deal of systemic risk and wasted opportunity.

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Person making a video. Used to show that San Antonio Inbound Marketing Agency, Viral Element, offers video marketing and video production.

Video Marketing

Videos have the second highest ROI (51.9%) of created content. Videos that successfully engage your audience must align with your overall marketing strategy and goals.

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What is Viral Element?

vi·ral el·e·ment | /ˈvīrəl eləmənt/ noun

Relating to or involving an image, video, piece of information, etc., that is circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another created by a distinct group within a larger group or community.

Here at Viral Element, we’re the only element you need to go viral: we’re the element it takes to move your company from mediocre to mesmerizing for your audience.  We use the principles of inbound. We energize your marketing team by creating strategy and planning, educational content and execution help for digital success. We complete the process with sales enablement through sales training, lead nurturing, and creating content to help sales teams succeed.  Aligning these two teams and measuring each step is necessary to meet your company’s goals.

Attract Visitors With Relevant Content | Nurture Prospects to Convert | Improve Your ROI


Data Driven Results

At the end of the day, it’s about the money.

Your next customer is learning how to solve their problem online, right now. Are they learning about potential solutions from you?

Smarketing, with Viral Element energizing your team, empowers your business to reach higher profits by attracting highly qualified visitors to your site, converting them to leads, and closing them as sales.

Viral Element is a very innovative, forward-thinking organization that handles themselves in an unbelievably professional manner.

Rainier Rodriguez / General Manager - Life Cargo

Viral Element is amazing! We have used other companies but they don’t compare to Viral’s attention to detail, depth of knowledge and spot-on content writing.

Jeanette Alcazar / Owner - Morrell Jewelry

From our initial branding and website design to helping us build our inbound strategy, Viral Element has been an integral part of our rapid growth.

Sergio Leao / CEO - Beckfel

Thanks to Viral Elements Inbound Strategy, each content delivery and content view is a transactional event that can be captured, aggregated, and analyzed.

Nick Guitierrez / General Manager - Alamo Tactical

Your SMarketing Strategy

SMarketing takes a number of pieces working cohesively together to be effective. We assemble a strategy for you to meet your goals using our expertise in these areas.

A buyer-centric strategy to increase quality leads by providing content that establishes trust

Creating a consistent and recognizable brand helps everyone connect with your company

Your website is the centerpiece of all your marketing and is your “best salesperson”

Website content is the single most powerful influence on search engine ranking

Video is absolutely the most effective way to impact any target audience

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads and reach your audience

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Don't Just Hire an Agency. Hire The Only Element You Need to Go Viral.

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