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3 Big Problems Growth Driven Design Solves for Your Website

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is the new approach to website design. It produces fast results and creates an incredible user experience that your target customers will love. Your website has the power to be your best salesperson and greatest marketing asset.

If you’re not using the GDD approach, you’re not maximizing your inbound marketing efforts and missing out on lost revenue. In addition to improved revenue, GDD solves three big problems for your website.

1) “I don’t know if my content is actually working”

With GDD, you will never have to say the above, since you will be leveraging content to drive and grow your website – and ultimately your revenue. When sales and marketing are aligned in your efforts, the possibilities are endless. It’s time for you to grow as a marketer and adopt a smarter approach to your website design; it’s time for you to start implementing GDD.

Now, websites need to show (not just tell) customers what they want to hear, and do much more than reflect what the company thinks the website should look like. With a GDD site, you will be able to test, adapt and grow your business through your website. Websites built with Growth Driven Design are better able to resolve potential customers pain points and frustrations than sites built with conventional design. The goal of GDD is to make your website user’s life easier.

When customers are visiting your site they are looking to answer several questions, including:

  • “Is this what I am looking for?”
  • “Does this answer my questions?”
  • “Will this make my life easier?”

GDD enables you to strategically place the content on the page. Since only 17% of people read web content word for word, you are missing out on potential customers if you are not using your site content effectively to keep visitors on the page.

A site built with Growth Driven Design will include smart and engaging content that is properly mapped to buyer personas, which serves to excite and engage visitors. Wouldn’t you rather have a site that is continually growing and increasing profit than having – and paying for – a big site change once every three years, which will never be completely finished?

2) “My website is simply not driving revenue”

Your website is your biggest marketing asset and, at times, the first thing people see when they hear about your business. In the day and age we live in, your site needs to get user attention right away – and keep that attention. Growth Driven Design is anchored in user experience, split testing and data collection, as opposed to traditional website design, which is based on “best practices” and industry trends.

“People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.”

Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO & Founder

Why build a site that is solely based on what is currently going on (regular website design) instead of using provable user data and developing the site over time (GDD)?

The risks of traditional website design include:

  • Large Up-front Costs
  • Not Enough Time
  • Design is Subjective

GDD is also a great option for businesses with budgetary concerns. Instead of paying an up-front fee, GDD allows you to pay a fixed retainer fee over an agreed upon amount of time. This enables you to grow and have an interactive design experience over time, versus a one-time investment, months in the dark about your design and no idea of when ROI will kick in. With GDD, site production involves sales and marketing and is continually tested, which minimizes the risks associated with traditional web design.

3) “I don’t want to hire in-house designers”

Having your own designer in-house, although ideal, is extremely costly. After your traditional website is built, there’s going to be changes you’ll want to make to it right off the bat, and some changes that may come months later, after you’ve been interacting with your site for awhile. These tweaks will either have to wait for your next website redesign in 2-3 years, holding your website back, or they can be made using Growth Driven Design.


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