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Don’t Get Caught Making These 5 Common Website Redesign Mistakes

Your website is your number 1 salesperson and the biggest marketing asset for your company. You should be making gradual improvements to your site based on concrete data and analytics to ensure your website is always top performing.

Maybe you’re thinking about redesigning your website, or maybe you recently had your website redesigned; in either case, be sure to avoid these 5 website redesign mistakes!

1. Waiting 2-3 Years to Redesign

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and months of redesigning your website with no guaranteed results, you should constantly be making gradual changes and improvements to your website based on actual data and analytics. These constant changes are all part of Growth Driven Design, or GDD.

If you wait 2-3 years to redesign your website, chances are your website is going to be extremely outdated in terms of content and usability. By continually making these little changes, you’ll begin to notice an increase in your visitors, leads and customers.

2. Not Basing Your Design on Concrete Analytics

When redesigning your website, you may have a bunch of different design ideas that you want to implement, but are those ideas backed with data that shows it will help conversion rates on your website? With GDD, you’re always working on making changes to your website and finding opportunities for improvement. Instead of waiting around for 2-3 years to see if your newly designed website is generating leads, you should be checking analytics every couple of weeks and basing your website changes on the results and data.

3. Outdated Content

Just because you’re redesigning your website doesn’t mean you need to rewrite your content, right? Wrong. It’s just as important to constantly update the content on your website as it is to constantly be making changes to your website’s design and functionality to ensure you’re receiving the best results possible. You’d be surprised at the amount of websites that include old and outdated content when they launch a newly redesigned website.

As I previously mentioned, if you’ve waited a couple of years to redesign your website, chances are that you probably have some extremely outdated content on there.

If this is the case, I recommend taking some time to go through your website and make sure to update any content that is old, outdated and inaccurate.

4. Developing a Non-Responsive Website

One of the most important things to remember when redesigning your website is to make sure it’s responsive for any type of device. If you develop a non-responsive website, you could be missing out on a huge number of visitors and potential customers. These statistics were found in a report from April 2015 in an International Business Times article:

  • 21% of millennials rely exclusively on their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet
  • 74% of Internet users that are 55 years and older are now using mobile devices

If your website isn’t responsive on all types of devices, any visitors that arrive via smartphone or tablet probably won’t stay on your website very long.

5. Too Many Colors With No White Space

It may not seem like a big deal, but having too many colors and color variations on your website can be distracting and tough on your eyes. Another distracting element is not having any or enough white space. Not only is it distracting because you’re not sure what to look at first, but your website probably looks like a giant wall of text (which no one ever wants to read) and/or is cluttered with text and images.

Combining these two elements of having too many color variations without enough white space is an overload of distractions on your website. Make sure to avoid having either of these when you redesign your website, let alone both of them at the same time so that your website isn’t overwhelming for visitors!

Get Started on Your Redesign!

If you combine your website redesign with inbound marketing techniques and GDD, while at the same time implanting these tips, there’s a great chance that your website traffic will increase and your conversion rates will improve immensely.


Source: Bluleadz

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