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Use Google AdWords to Learn About Your Buyers

Gain Insight Into Your Buyers Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a robust paid advertising platform with a host of benefits. But, did you know that in addition to using AdWords to generate more conversions, you can use its tools to discover useful information about your customers?

In the following paragraphs we’ll outline a few of the essential features inside Google AdWords that can really help you better understand your customers.

First and Foremost: Set Up AdWords Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is the first step to monitoring your ad performance in Google AdWords. By using conversion tracking, you’ll be able to see which keywords, ads and ad groups are working better than others, and better understand the ROI of your ad spend.

To get started with conversion tracking you’re going to want to create a list of user activities that are valuable to your business goals. Some of these conversion actions may include:

  • Tracking clicks that convert into purchases
  • Purchases
  • Calls from your ads

After defining the conversion actions you’d like to track, simply add a small snippet of Javascript code to the page users see after making a purchase or submitting the newsletter form.

The benefits to conversion tracking are enormous. For example, after installing conversion tracking on your AdWords campaigns you may realize Campaign A is generating a lot of conversions and Campaign B is not. So you can begin allocating more of your ad spend to Campaign A instead of Campaign B. The poor performance of Campaign B may be an indicator that it’s time to review and improve the quality of the campaign’s keywords and account structure.

AdWords Audience Insights for Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns are a perfect way to target highly valuable site visitors. If you’re not familiar and would like to become better acquainted with remarketing I recommend taking a look at Wordstream’s How Does Google Remarketing Work? to gain a better understanding.

For brevity’s sake, remarketing is a form of paid advertising that enables us to display ads to previous site users while they surf websites that are part of the Google Display Network, or while they search Google for queries related to your product or service.

Once you’ve implemented your Remarketing campaign(s) and AdWords has collected a bit of user data, AdWords audience insights will help you make sensible decisions to increase the success of your efforts. By providing information such as interests, location, device and demographics audience insights will help you assemble a clear picture of the users interacting with your ads.

Google AdWords Insights

The applications of the information garnered by audience insights are practical and vast. Using the information from this report you can:

  • Expand your targeting to new audiences
  • Make informed adjustments about ad targeting, bid strategy and more
  • Create new campaigns and custom ads tailored to specific audiences

Use Store Visits Insights to Measure Offline Sales

Store Visits Insights

As the customer journey becomes increasingly complex, it’s important we understand how various steps in the path to purchase interact with and influence decisions along the way. You can imagine why this is so important and how this type of analysis leads to intelligent marketing decisions. In our “always on” society the lines between digital and physical experiences are becoming one, and understanding these new shopping paths are essential to effective marketing.

Consumers often research online, then complete their purchases in store. Using AdWords store visits conversions you can objectively measure how paid ads affect their store visits. Using this report you’ll gain insight into how various devices, channels and media types affect purchase decisions in the buyer journey which can aid in ad optimization, acquiring new customers and defining value to your AdWords efforts.

Store visit conversions works by measuring the millions of Google users who have voluntarily opted in to share their location data, clicked on an ad via Google’s Search or Display network and then visited a store. Using proprietary algorithms, Google also accounts for anonymous users who display the same behaviors mentioned above. Data is then displayed only if it meets a very high confidence rate. Store visits insights are applicable across a ton of industries including: travel, retail, restaurant and finance.

Using these three tools inside AdWords you’ll have the ability to collect useful insight into your buyers, and as a result improve the efficiency of your efforts.


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