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HubSpot's new add-on gives you tons of analytics

Is Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On Right for Your Business?

We really dove deep and went all-in with Hubspot’s newly released (at the time) product updates. After the product updates were announced on the keynote stage of Inbound 2015, an avalanche of excitement began rolling through the HubSpot community.

Of course, with all of that excitement comes a lot of questions. The following are three questions regarding who should use Hubspot’s new Reporting Add-on:

What’s the Big Deal about Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On?

The big deal is that after the coffee wears off and headaches ensue, at the end of the day our performance is measured by ROI. Owners, CEOs, CMOs, and so on — their focus is the amount of revenue inbound marketing is generating their business relative to the amount of money they’re paying into inbound marketing services. You can see a picture of what the reporting tool looks like below:

HubSpot's Reporting Add-On

It’s also important to consider the time in which the decision makers have to determine ROI. Given their busy calendars, C-level executives don’t want to search around for numbers in a clunky spreadsheet. They also don’t have time nor the desire to sift through several different sources of unapplicable data to find what they’re looking for.

This is where Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On comes into play.

The reporting tool pulls in data from all across your HubSpot portal, creating an information hub at the intersection of sales and marketing. This enables decision makers to easily see what’s important to them.

Whether it’s how many customers have closed, which traffic sources are generating the most revenue, or which sales guy is outperforming the others, using this tool allows organizational leaders to attach a tangible value to the hustle going in to our inbound efforts.

Is HubSpot’s Reporting Add-On Hard to Use?

Using the Reporting Add-On is a cinch. My absolute favorite thing about HubSpot is its attention to user experience, and the Reporting Add-On is no exception. With its user-centric interface any HubSpotter can easily:

  • Generate a sales or marketing report from a variety of out-of-the-box options
  • Create a custom report dashboard tailored to their unique needs
  • Whip up separate dashboards for different decision makers, ensuring they see only the data they want to see

Like any HubSpot product, the reporting tool makes it easy peasy to reconfigure and move things around to your liking.

Also, with the ability to generate several reports in one dashboard, Marketing can have their lead generation dashboard while Sales have their revenue dashboard full of important information to them. This ensures everyone sees what they want to see without interfering with someone else’s reporting.

How Much Does the Reporting Add-On Cost and is it Worth it for my Business?

The Reporting Add-On is available to all HubSpot users for an additional $200 per month, and could prove valuable to a large number of businesses.

If you’ve been executing on a successful inbound strategy for quite some time and want to turn up the heat, it’s imperative to have the necessary reporting infrastructure in place.

Why not use an integrated tool that quickly generates personalized reports in a central location?  After signing up you’ll easily be able to track the metrics important to you and see progress as you reach towards goals and initiatives.


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