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Software & Technology

Inbound Marketing Helps Software and Technology Companies Grow and Thrive

There are a number of obstacles working against a young technology company. Lack of marketing or spending time and money on the wrong kind of marketing is one reason why many software and technology companies fail before they even gain traction.Working with an inbound marketing agency throughout your company’s life can be the difference between success and failure.

The Key to Your Success

Acquire Customers – Brand Awareness and Revenue Generation

To overcome the cash flow deficit or “cash gap” in the first few months following startup, your company must work to capture as much revenue as possible. To do this, you need to focus on critical marketing foundations, including:

  • Value proposition and messaging
  • Buyer persona, buyer journey and marketing strategy
  • Modern, simple website and conversion path
  • Demand generation strategy and campaigns

Retain Customers – Contextual Marketing and Brand Advocacy

Once your company achieves break-even status and becomes known within its industry, it must capture market share and build for future investments and growth. In this growth stage, you need to focus on customer satisfaction and retention while continuing to acquire new customers. Do this with:

  • Content marketing to build brand awareness and capture market share
  • Marketing automation to improve conversion rates and reduce the sales cycle
  • Customer and independent reviews to drive consideration and decision
  • Industry thought leader brand advocacy to establish credibility in a wider audience

Monetize Customers – Sustained Growth and Market Leadership

As a your company becomes a dominant player in the market, sustaining growth, building new products or pursuing acquisition by a larger company become primary goals. To do this, you need to follow a plan that scales revenue growth with performance and brand reputation. Successful software and technology companies develop:

  • Aligned Sales and Marketing teams with common goals and collaboration
  • Leading positions in search engines and content syndication networks
  • Superior brand reputation across social networks and industry forums
  • Proven growth in marketing KPIs and other performance metrics
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