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Your next customer is learning
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Technology is constantly evolving. Buying behavior is constantly evolving, which means marketing is constantly evolving.

Inbound Marketing

With the savvy buyer, there is no better way to keep up with them. Inbound Marketing services meets your buyers where they are. On their mobile devices, on social media, or all of their many screens.

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Content Creation & Management

Your website’s content is the biggest influence on its search engine ranking. By regularly updating your site with thoroughly-optimized content and SEO magic, you give search engines exactly what they’re looking for, and can boost your rankings.

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Website Development & Design

Plain and simple, if your site is not responsive you are losing traffic from a bad end-user experience. Making your website as user friendly as possible should be the goal and responsive design can get the website views you want!

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Video Production

Driven by the fast-changing digital world and evolving buyer behaviors, organizations must use technology to deliver more value. As a business leader, you’re being tasked with disrupting your structure to respond to these digital trends.

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Social media is here to stay, and if your business isn’t taking advantage of the many lead-generating opportunities that social media marketing offers, you are in danger of being left behind by your competition. Leveraging social media will help your business!

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Creating a consistent and recognizable brand helps everyone connect your logo with your company, and ultimately, the services and products you provide. Consistency with brand marketing management is esssential!

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Lead Generation Champions

Viral Element is your Inbound Marketing hype man. We apply our expertise in inbound marketing services, content marketing, creative brand management, graphic design, web development and industry leading inbound marketing software to attract website views, convert and nurture qualified leads