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Video Production

Make it personal. Make it emotional.

It All Starts with Your Story

Think about the last video you watched. How did you find it? Were you actively looking for it? If that’s your answer, we call your bluff.

Chances are that video ­– the one that made you drop everything you were doing and indulge in distraction – was one you stumbled upon during a habitual newsfeed swipe through one of your many social media apps. You probably swiped past dozens of videos before landing on the one that stole your attention. So why did you stop there?

The truth is, in this era of abundant media, users are more selective than ever. Seldom do consumers click on videos because they want to be sold something. So falling under that “cheap commercial” umbrella is essentially a death trap for businesses hoping to reel in more business.

Why Does Video Work?

Video is absolutely the most effective way to reach any target audience. The power of combining audio and video with animation is unmatched by any other medium, thanks to HubSpot know that video converts 60% better than any other content type.

As a inbound marketing agency, we take a different approach to video production. We’ll help tell your story using a genuine, documentary-style approach. The videos we produce aren’t commercials. They’re visual representations of your companies story, free from the typical corporate ridiculousness to which we’re so accustomed. Viral Element will tell your story the way your personas are searching for them.

How Does it All Work?

Our proven process begins with understanding your business goals. Your story is carefully planned, developed and produced by video production professionals who know what it takes to tell a great story. Calls-to-action can be used in your video to convert viewers into qualified sales leads in order to prove measurable ROI.

One phenomenal example of this, is this video by the well-known granola company, Nature Valley. Never once in this story do you hear the words “Nature Valley.” It’s not loudly plugging itself. It’s tugging at multi-generational heartstrings and the values in which the brand aligns with. Now that’s a video worth sharing! And yes, their brand is shared along with it. Tell the story that aligns with your brand’s core values. Make it personal. Make it emotional.

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