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Inside the Content of the Blueprint

Inside the Sales & Marketing Growth Strategy Blueprint

The Sales and Marketing Growth Strategy Blueprint is a 28-page in-depth plan for growing a business. Click on the topics below to see more information about the key components of each blueprint.

Inside the Content of the Blueprint

Background Education, Persona Documentation, Content for Lead Generation (Based on Buyer Personas), and Content for Lead Nurturing (Based on Your Sales Process).

Documentation of your sales process that moves the buyer persona through the buyer’s journey from starting their information search to considering your brand to requesting to speak with sales.

Content assets aligned with each stage of the prospective buyer’s journey.

Triggers are events that cause your buyer person to search for information. This is critical background information if you hope to answer their questions.

Your buyer persona’s goals relate to their trigger issues. Again, critical information to be able to create content relevant to those personas.

Common questions your target personas are searching for information for.

Your ability to answer those questions with helpful, none-salesly information.

Suggested blog titles organized by theme. 2 titles per week, for 3 months, 24 titles total.

Each title is carefully constructed using a buyer persona’s question, your expert answer to that question, an information on content currently trending in that category.

Each content campaign must have a related piece of premium content, a longer form whitepaper or ebook that is promoted at the end of each related blog article. This will allow the blog reader to trade their email address for access to the more in-depth content. This is how you are going to generate “information qualified leads” that do not yet know about your brand.

Detailed guide to organizing your longer form informational content to mirror your sales process. Establish trust and credibility, flex your thought leadership, make an actionable recommendation, provide a clear next step (to learn more about your brand)

3 blog topics delivered via email to leads that get “stuck”. Each article will address a common question found at that stage of the buyer’s journey.

1 premium content recommendation to sell your brand.

Detailed guide to organizing your longer form “why choose us” content. Establish the need for your product, list your product and services to address the need, outline the process for working with you, and provide a clear next step.

3 topics delivered via email to leads that get “stuck”. These are typically client stories or case studies. Each will address a common pushback to working with your company.

The easy offer that will allow leads who are ready to buy to contact your sales team.

The value added offers to capture leads that are on the fence, giving your sales team a chance to help them take the next step and add some value at the same time.

Detailed follow up procedure for the sales team to ensure that real feedback on the content’s effectiveness drives the improvement of this plan over time.

Targeted Marketing = Successful Content

If your marketing plan isn’t targeted to meet your specific ideal prospects where they are, with the information they’re looking for, then you need the Sales & Marketing Growth Strategy Blueprint.

Here are some example personas we’ve created for specific industries.

B2B Researcher

This persona is researching solution options for the decision-making group and wants to find options that meet as many of the checkpoints as possible. Your goal should be to provide answers to questions the researcher is using to make a decision while making comparison to competitors easy and painless.

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This persona's goal is to make the best decisions for long-term financial success for the business, but faces challenges with forecasting ROI for a product or solution purchase. Marketers to this persona should make ROI very clear, showcasing case studies with data to support ROI examples.

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Creating a sustainable business model while maintaining an upward growth in revenue is this persona's focus. But they face challenges of strategically choosing the best partners for long-term growth. To assist this persona with meeting their goals, you need to showcase sustainability through your solution, and highlight the cost of inaction.

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B2B Engineer

This personas is focused on ensuring that any new solution meets technical requirements. However, finding technical information from new vendors and getting quick, accurate service from vendor technicians after purchase are a challenge. Show expertise while answering technical questions through a blog or webinars to build your relationship with this persona.

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